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This is the article on fire release technique. For the technique that utilises wind and fire, head to Toad Oil Flame Bullet.
editFire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet [1]
Toad Oil Flame Bullet
Kanji 火遁・蝦蟇油炎弾
Rōmaji Katon: Gamayu Endan
English anime Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb
Alternative names Fire Style: Toad Oil Flamethrower
Manga Volume #19, Naruto Chapter #170
Anime Naruto Episode #96
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Ninjutsu, Cooperation Ninjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Hand seals Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
  • Gama (with Jiraiya) (Game only)

This is a two-way cooperation ninjutsu. Gamabunta uses the Toad Oil Bullet technique to shoot a jet of oil from his mouth. His summoner then ignites the oil. Jiraiya uses the Fire Release: Flame Bullet technique for this purpose, while Naruto, knowing no Fire Release ninjutsu, opted to use explosive tags instead.[2] The oil, acting as an accelerant, provides more fuel for the fire in an effect like a flame-thrower, and creating an conflagration of far greater power and magnitude than the original fire ninjutsu used on its own could have.

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References Edit

  1. Second Databook, page 204
  2. Naruto episode 173

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