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* '''Name:''' {{translation|Fire Release: Mythical Firebird Technique|Katon: Housenka no Jutsu}}
#REDIRECT [[Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique]]
* '''Type:''' Unknown, Offensive, Long range (0-10 m)
* '''Users:''' [[Itachi Uchiha]], [[Fuka]]
* ''[[Hand Seals]]:'' Rat-Tiger-Dog-Ox-Rabbit-Tiger
This jutsu is a more powerful version of the [[Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique]]. It allows the user to spew out bigger and more powerful fireballs that are able to cover a wider range. Fuka used this to destroy all of [[Naruto]]'s shadow clones in a single shot.
[[Category: Ninjutsu]]

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  1. REDIRECT Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique

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