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[[de:Special 1]]
[[de:Special 1]]

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Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover!

Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover!

紅き四つ葉のクローバーを探せAkaki Yotsuba no Kurōbā o Sagase

Episode info
  • Original Airdate: December 20, 2002
  • English Airdate:

Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover! (紅き四つ葉のクローバーを探せ, Akaki Yotsuba no Kurōbā o Sagase) is the first Naruto OVA.


Konohamaru fell in love with a girl, Kaede Yoshino, who was about to move away from the village. He wished to win her heart with a red four leaf clover, which is also supposed to grant any wish. Konohamaru asked Naruto Uzumaki to help him find it, but they had to travel into the forbidden zone, Akagahara, to retrieve it. After activating almost every trap on the way to the clover, the pair are attacked by marionettes after moving a statue to reach the clover. Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha appear to help, but still can't defeat them. At last, the marionettes shut off as Konohamaru lifted the statue back to its original position. Then one of the leaves fell off the clover Konohamaru picked. Konohamaru still gave the clover to Kaede, and she kissed him on his cheek.

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