Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!

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"Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!"
File:Fakeout Shikamaru's Comeback!.JPG
(フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け, Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru Kishikaisei no Kake)
Episode data
Previous "To Each His Own Battle"
Episode Naruto #122
Next "The Leaf's Handsome Devil!"
Arc Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Manga Naruto Chapter #207, Naruto Chapter #208
Japanese February 16, 2005
English December 15, 2007
None in this Episode
Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound ChainsRevolt of the Demon World
Flash Bomb
None in this Episode
"Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!" (フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け, Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru Kishikaisei no Kake) is episode 122 of the original Naruto anime.

Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback! (フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け, Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru Kishikaisei no Kake) is episode 122 of the original Naruto anime.


Despite Tayuya's efforts, Shikamaru devised a plan to defeat her creatures. Using a flash bomb to lengthen the shadows in the area, Shikamaru captured the creatures and prepared to turn them against Tayuya. To prevent this, Tayuya dispersed the creatures. Despite this, Tayuya was captured by Shikamaru's shadow, forcing her to advance her cursed seal to its second state to escape. With Tayuya now strong enough to overpower his shadow, Shikamaru decided instead to use his shadow for attack, and attempted to use his shadow to strangle her.

Facts about "Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcSasuke Retrieval Arc +
English airdate15 December 2007 +
English nameFakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback! +
Episode number122 +
Japanese airdate16 February 2005 +
Kanji nameフェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け +
MangaNaruto +
Manga Chapter207 + and 208 +
NameFakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback! +
NamesFakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback! +, Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback! +, フェイク!男シカマル起死回生の賭け + and Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru Kishikaisei no Kake +
PictureFile:Fakeout Shikamaru's Comeback!.JPG +
Romaji nameFeiku! Otoko Shikamaru Kishikaisei no Kake +

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