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This is the article on anime-only character. If you are looking for the article on the Wind Release technique, head to Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique.
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風神 Fūjin
Anime Naruto Episode #142
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

Fūjin (風神, Fūjin) and his brother Raijin are the Legendary Stupid Brothers.


The two brothers originated from an unknown village. They once killed their comrades over a meal, and calmed down immediately afterwards. After the incident, they were locked up in Konoha Strict Correctional Facility.[1]


Fūjin and his brother's thoughts revolve completely around food, and the guards of the prison would use this to their advantage, by controlling the food supply to keep the brothers in check. Both live up to their monikers as being very unintelligent, and they were scared into submission by Tsunade's strength.


Both brothers have tremendous strength, being compared to the raw might of Tsunade's. In reality, even the prison they reside in is incapable of containing them, as they can easily break down the cell door. However, for all their strength, they are unintelligent and can be easily duped.

Part I

Mizuki Strikes Back Arc

While in prison, the brothers were befriended by Mizuki, who convinced them to help him escape by offering them food.[2] Once they escaped, they fought Naruto and the members of Team 10. They were unable to beat the brothers, and it was not until Tsunade arrived and threatened to not give them any more food that they returned to jail.[3]



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