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Execution by Kiss
Kanji 死刑接吻
Rōmaji Shikei Seppun
Literal English Death Penalty Kiss
English anime Reaper Kiss
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #61
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Techniques
Class Offensive
Range Short-range

This ability allows Fūka to absorb all of an opponent's chakra and techniques by kissing them, giving her multiple elemental affinities, as well as enforcing the ones she already has and gaining access to all of her victim's elemental techniques. After absorbing her opponent's chakra, she could steal their soul. This technique could also be used to determine what elemental affinities the target has by licking them. Due to one body being unable to handle so much chakra, Fūka distributes the chakra she absorbed into multiple bodies, and uses Colour Course Change to switch to another if needed.

When she tried using this against Naruto Uzumaki however, she began absorbing the chakra of the Nine-Tails, but the pure evil in its chakra proved too much for her that she stopped the technique.


  • In the Disney XD edited version, instead of licking the victim, Fūka smelled her opponents to determine their nature.