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Enzo Tenro
天狼エンゾ Tenrō Enzo
Game Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
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Gender Gender Male Male
  • Chief of Yumegakure


Enzo Tenro (天狼エンゾ, Tenro Enzo) is the leader of Yumegakure and the father of Ryuka Tenro.


As village leader, Enzo was dedicated to the prosperity of Yumegakure and its inhabitants. He was thus justifiably outraged at Konohagakure's apparent treachery and vowed revenge. To this end he had to consider the worst-case scenario, the release of the Three-Heads, despite him not wanting to attack another country and kill innocents. In his role as chief, Enzo proved to be a charismatic leader for the shinobi of his village and fought alongside of them in combat.

Enzo considered himself great friends with Gensui Amagiri despite their clans' differences, which he disregarded as ancient history. This naive streak made him easy to manipulate by Gensui.


Enzo was a large and bulky man with grey spiky hair. His attire consisted of a grey sleeveless kimono shirt with a collar lining of dark blue fur. His forehead protector was shaped like a face-guard, furthering the visual similarities to the Second Hokage. His wore a red scarf around his neck with round stone ornament attached. he also wore brown pants with leg warmers in matching fur.


Taking advantage of his size and power, Enzo's fighting style revolved around taijutsu in which he incorporated a staff, which he used with enough force to shatter stone, and his clan's combat Transformation Technique.

Given his possesion of the key to the seal holding the Three-Heads, it is safe to assume that he at least had basic knowledge of fūinjutsu.


  • (To Naruto) "I am Enzo Tenro, as chief of Yumegakure, I'll have you answer for the crime of attacking the village and wounding so many of its citizens!"
  • "All right, proud ninja of Yumegakure. Now is the time to combine our strenght and fight for the prestige of the village!"
  • (To Naruto) "Can you hear them? Those are the screams of the people you've killed. This is a fight to avenge my fallen ally, Gensui!"

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