Weather Manipulation

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Weather Manipulation
  • When sad, Yota can create rain…
  • …when happy, it snows around Yota…
  • …and when he's angry, he can summon lightning.
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #313
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges

Yota's special ability allows him to freely manipulate the weather around him. Regardless of the natural atmosphere around him, he could manifest many different weather effects, effectively turning them into powerful attacks or defenses. It should be noted that his area of effect is not limited to outside, as he is able to isolate his abilities to relatively closed off area, while within them. Each of his abilities seem to be directly linked to his emotions and action. When he is sad, it starts raining. When he is happy, the sun shines intensely or it starts snowing. When he gets angry, he is capable of summoning purple lightning. Additionally, Yota has shown that while whistling, he can summon powerful whirlwinds. Yota also has shown to have a great level of control over the range and direction of his abilities.

The following effects have been shown:

  • Rain: When Yota is sad, it rains. It could rain softly or fiercely, and could even be directed to a single person. The rain itself seems to have an unusual effects on his opponents, as it is able to drain them of their chakra and vitality, while seemingly making them sad as well. Once produced in terms of offense and defence, he could summon varying sizes of very powerful, pressurized, water trenches to either block incoming attacks, retrain, or injure his opponents. He could even create huge water bubbles that attacks opponents with concussive force. Coming from many different directions, each of his attacks could manifest from anywhere within his vicinity, seemingly coming from thin air.
  • Snow: When Yota is happy, it starts to snow. Showing only the offensive capabilities, Yota is able to turn a simple snowfall into a powerful blizzard, enabling him to near instantly freeze everything around him, including people.
  • Lightning: When Yota is angry, he can produce large bolts of purple lighting. The lightning could be directed from anywhere, to anywhere the enemy is, and in rapid succession. It was fast enough to keep up with Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru.
  • Wind: Although not determined by a specific emotion, Yota was able to fully manipulate the direction and intensity of wind by whistling. He could summon anything from a concentrated tornado, to several whirlwinds. Each of these attacks have the offensive capabilities to slash and wound the intended target. It was powerful enough to cut, and catch off guard, Naruto Uzumaki, despite being in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.
  • Sunlight: When Yota is happy, he could also make the sun shine brightly. Although it hasn't been used offensively or defensively, it has shown to cause flowers to bloom quickly around him.
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