The Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms is a taijutsu that should only be passed down in the main house of the Hyūga clan.


It is a dangerous technique that is appropriately handed down from father to only a single child within the Hyūga clan. It is a manoeuvre of the Gentle Fist fighting style.[2] With the Byakugan's near 360° field of vision, the user envisions an Eight Trigrams circle. Then the enemy within this circle is hit with a series of violent blows. By striking sixty-four of the tenketsu throughout the opponent's Chakra Pathway System, their chakra flow is stopped, making them unable to even stand.

Once someone is within range of the user's field of divination, the user assumes a Gentle Fist stance and begins to deliver the attack:

  • First, two consecutive strikes to make two.
  • Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four.
  • Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight.
  • Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen.
  • Fifth, sixteen consecutive strikes to make thirty-two.
  • Sixth, another thirty-two consecutive strikes in succession to make a total of sixty-four strikes. The sixth consecutive attack needs a strong step forward, because without it the technique will fail.

Each set of strikes is done at an exponentially increasing pace and strength. The attack not only disables the enemy but also knocks them back with every set of strikes.


  • The technique's name and the emblems it displayed are derived from the symbols of Taoist philosophy, the bagua and the yin and yang.
  • Though only taught to members of the main house, Neji, a branch house member was able to master this secret technique using only his own perception and talent.
  • In the anime, the only known ninja to block all of the attacks is Shira, someone who is very adept at taijutsu.


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