Eight-Tails Subduing Team

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Eight-Tails Subduing Team
Hachibi subduing team
Manga Volume #52, Naruto Chapter #494
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #244
Appears in Anime, Manga
Team Info

The Third Raikage's rule was noted to be riddled with the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails losing control of the beast, and going on a rampage. To deal with these epidemics, the Third assembled a special team tasked with restraining the Eight-Tails whenever this happened. They would bind the Eight-Tails with chains — which in the anime, were said to be imbued with a fūinjutsu — and distract it, giving the Third enough time to use the Kohaku no Jōhei to seal the beast. The inability of jinchūriki to control the Eight-Tails cost Kumogakure many lives, including that of Furui who was a member of the team. After the Eight-Tails was sealed into Killer B, he was able to control it, bringing an end to the rampages and the assumed disbanding of this team.

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