Earth Release: Floating Ring Rock Technique

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editEarth Release: Floating Ring Rock Technique
Ukiwagan no Jutsu
Kanji 土遁・浮輪岩の術
Rōmaji Doton: Ukiwagan no Jutsu
English games Earth Style: Floating Rock Jutsu
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact
Appears in Game
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Short to Mid range
Ōnoki uses the earth to create large floating rock cubes to toss at the opponent. The rock cubes spin around Ōnoki, doubling as a protection against other attacks. The user can also adjust the size of the rocks.

Trivia Edit

  • Ukiwa (浮輪) is the Japanese term for "lifebuoy".

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