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|top={{Looking for|volume 63 of the [[Naruto Series|Naruto manga]]|chapter 606|Dream World (chapter)|Dream World|disambig=Dream World (disambiguation)}}
|top={{Looking for|volume 63 of the manga|chapter 606|Dream World}}
|english=Dream World
|english=Dream World
|romaji=Yume no Sekai
|romaji=Yume no Sekai
|japanese release=December 28, 2012
|japanese release=December 28, 2012
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-870550-7
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-870550-7
|english release=November 5, 2013
|english isbn=978-1-4215-5885-1

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This is the article on volume 63 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 606, head to Dream World.
Dream World
(夢の世界, Yume no Sekai)
Volume Info
Previous Crack
Volume 63 (Read Online)
Next Ten-Tails
Release Date
Japanese December 28, 2012 ISBN (978-4-08-870550-7) Icon - Search
English November 5, 2013 ISBN (978-1-4215-5885-1) Icon - Search
TokaraTobi Kosuke
Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild DanceUchiha ReturnRegeneration AbilityWood Release: Cutting TechniqueInfinite TsukuyomiWood Release: Wood Dragon Technique

Dream World (夢の世界, Yume no Sekai) is volume 63 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 598

"Shattered!!!!" (粉砕!!!!, Funsai!!!!)


Chapter 599

"Obito Uchiha " (うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito)

Obito Uchiha (chapter)

Chapter 600

"How Come Until Now?" (なぜ今まで, Naze Ima Made)

How Come Until Now?

Chapter 601

"Obito and Madara" (オビトとマダラ, Obito to Madara)

Obito and Madara

Chapter 602

"Alive" (生きている, Ikite iru)


Chapter 603

"Rehabilitation" (リハビリ, Rihabiri)


Chapter 604

"Reunion, and Then" (再会、そして, Saikai, soshite)

Reunion, and Then

Chapter 605

"Hell" (地獄, Jigoku)


Chapter 606

"Dream World" (夢の世界, Yume no Sekai)

Dream World

Chapter 607

"I Don't Care Any More" (どうでもいいんだよ, Dō Demo Īn da yo)

I Don't Care Any More

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