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ドック Dokku
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #290
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 36
  • Part II: 165 cm1.65 m
    5.413 ft
    64.961 in
  • Militia Officer (Former)

Dokku (ドック, Dokku) is a citizen of the Tonika Village.


Dokku trying to save shiseru

Dokku tries to save Shiseru from falling down the cliff.

Dokku grew up with Shiseru and was very close to her. One day, when she was about to fall off a cliff, Dokku managed to grab her hand and hold her for almost an hour, but was too weak to pull her up, and after some time, the grip loosened and Shiseru fell down. Luckily, she landed on a tree and survived, but his inability to save her forced Dokku to become part of Tonika village's local militia. Years later however, he was fired for unknown reasons and became a teacher.[1]


New family

Dokku taking care of his new family.

He is a very brave and dutifully man, not hesitating to risk his own life to save that of several others. He is also a very fond as he is caring a lot about the children he managed to rescue, who, in return, love him no less. Since the day he failed in rescuing Shiseru as a kid, he seems to have a low self-esteem and view himself as being weak, a fact that brings him to the verge of tears when lamenting that he couldn't rescue more villagers.


Dokku as a kid

Dokku as a kid.

Dokku full


Dokku is a 36 year old,[2] rather portly man with short brown hair, and a receding hairline. He wears square framed glasses and has a short moustache and pointed beard. He has the complex tattoo of Tonika village's militia on his right hand. As heard in the episode, Leo refers him as fat, whilst Miina opposes it. When being younger, he was very slim. Usually, he wears casual clothing and a brown jacket until he gave it to Miina.


While displaying no particular abilities, he did manage to survive his village's destruction whilst saving several children. Miina and Leo also refer to him as sensei, suggesting his expertise in the teaching of one field or another with their grandfather specifically stating his ability more as a teacher than a guard. He is rather strong, able to carry both Miina and Leo on his shoulders for a considerable time despite wounded and was also fast enough to catch them after they jumped out of their windows.

Part II

Chikara Arc

Dokku saves Miina and Leo

Dokku saves Miina and Leo.

When his village was attacked, Dokku was the one to find Miina and Leo, trapped in their own house. He told Miina to jump as he was ready to catch her, but she was too scared of the height. Dokku encouraged her to trust him, and successfully saved her after she finally jumped. After he rescued Leo as well, he carried both of them out of the village, just to part with them as he needed to return to the village to lend his aid. Before he left, he gave Miina his jacket, and tasked the two children to request help from the neighbouring Hachō Village. He managed to rescue three other children as well, Sora, Lando and Faz, but was greatly wounded during the night, forcing him to use a crutch. Later, on his way to Hachō Village himself, he met Leo and Miina once again, happily hugging the last.

They arrived shortly after in Hachō Village and were allowed to live in Shiseru's house. Days later, Dokku, Miina, and Sora were out buying food when a fight between Leo and Faz broke out. Miina could stop it however by playing on a wooden sticcado. When they arrived at their new home, Dokku mistook Naruto Uzumaki's forehead protector as one of the enemies' who destroyed their, village and told everyone to flee. As Leo convinced him to run over a fragile bridge, Dokku took Miina and started running, however, the bridge couldn't hold them and Dokku apologised to Miina for it. As they fell down, Naruto could save them with a chain of shadow clones. Dokku then apologises to Naruto and Sakura Haruno.

The village head giving the bars to dokku

The village head gives Dokku two strange bars.

Later, after they ate a meal, everybody was taking a bath. Dokku told Naruto about his background and stated that he wished for more power, so he could have saved more citizens. Afterwards, he discussed with Yamato and Sai, the massacre and remembered the time he was nearly killed by Hayate Gekkō and when he met with the village head who gave him two bars for unknown reasons though he kept silent about the last part. When he and Shiseru looked in at the five sleeping kids, they began holding hands.

Dokku is happy to see the village head again

Dokku glad to see the "village head" again.

The next day, he went with the rest to the beach and leaves for a short time with Shiseru to buy drinks. As they go home, Lando and Miina cling happily to him. He is shocked when Shiseru slaps Miina du to her bothering Naruto and needs to calm her down. Shortly after, Disonasu appears with the Tonika Village Head. Dokku and the village head talk about the bars they exchanged earlier when Miina rams her grandfather away, revealing that he is in fact dead and was brought back to life. As the group flees the battlefield, Miina tries to drive out the snakes Naruto was infected with while Dokku tries to pull her back. He is shocked as the rest when Miina actually forces the snakes out, who form copy of his version 2 jinchūriki form.


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