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ドック Dokku
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #290
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 36
  • Part II: 165 cm1.65 m
    5.413 ft
    64.961 in
  • Militia Officer (Former)

Dokku (ドック, Dokku) is a citizen of the Tonika Village.


He is a very brave and dutifully man, not hesitating to risk his own life to save that of several others. He is also a very fond as he is caring a lot about Miina and Leo, who, in return, love him no less.


Dokku is a rather portly man with short brown hair with a receding hairline. He wears square framed glasses and has a short moustache and pointed beard. He has an odd looking tattoo on his right hand. As heard in the episode, Leo refers him as fat, whilst Miina opposes it.


While displaying no particular abilities, he did manage to survive his village's destruction whilst saving several children. Miina and Leo also refer to him as sensei, suggesting his expertise in the teaching of one field or another with their grandfather specifically stating his ability more as a teacher than a guard. He is rather strong, able to carry both Miina and Leo on his shoulders for a considerable time despite wounded and was also fast enough to catch them after they jumped out of their windows.

Part II

Chikara Arc

Dokku saves Miina and Leo

Dokku saves Miina and Leo.

He is first seen running wounded through the attacked village, when he notices that Miina and Leo are trapped in their own house. He tells Miina to jump as he was ready to catch her, but she was too scared of the height. Dokku encourages her to trust him and successfully saves her after she finally jumped. After he rescues Leo, he carries both of them out of the village, just to part with them to save more people. Before he leaves, he gives Miina his jacket and tasks the two children to request help from the neighbouring Hachō Village. He manages to rescue three more children, but was greatly wounded during the night, forcing him to use a crutch. On his way to Hachō Village, he meets Leo and Miina once again, happily hugging the last.

Facts about "Dokku"RDF feed
Age36 +
Appears inAnime +
Debut anime510 +
GenderMale +
Height165 cm (1.65 m, 5.413 ft, 64.961 in) +
LoyaltyTonika Village +
NameDokku +
PictureDokku2 +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusAlive +
Voice ActorsHiroto Torihata +

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