Despair: A Fractured Heart

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edit"Despair: A Fractured Heart"
Despair A Fractured Heart
(絶望 引き裂かれた心, Zetsubō Hikisakareta Hāto)
Episode data
Previous "Infiltration: The Set-Up!"
Episode Naruto #172
Next "Battle at Sea: The Power Unleashed!"
Arc Kaima Capture Mission
Japanese February 15, 2006
English June 7, 2008
"Despair: A Fractured Heart" (絶望 引き裂かれた心, Zetsubō Hikisakareta Hāto) is episode 172 of the original Naruto anime.

Synopsis Edit

Anko rescues the team by summoning a giant snake, which takes the team in its mouth and breaks through the wall. Team Anko quickly pursues the enemy. After encountering Amachi, Naruto is caught in his attack and is able to use the Nine-Tails' chakra to free himself.

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