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|english airdate=December 6, 2009
|english airdate=December 6, 2009
{{translation|'''Departure'''|旅立ち|Tabidachi}} is episode 220 of the original ''Naruto'' anime.
{{translation|'''Departure'''|旅立ち|Tabidachi}} is episode 220 of the original ''[[Naruto (series)|Naruto]]'' anime.
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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File:Departure (episode).JPG
(旅立ち, Tabidachi)
Episode data
Previous The Ultimate Weapon Reborn
Episode Naruto #220
Arc Ultimate Weapon Arc
Manga Chapter #238
Japanese February 8, 2007
English December 6, 2009
None in this Episode
Peacock Whirlwind FormationUltimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku
None in this Episode

Departure (旅立ち, Tabidachi) is episode 220 of the original Naruto anime.


With Naruto's display of stubborn resistance to Seimei, Gaara manages to prevent Shukaku to fully emerge and kill Seimei with his Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral. Everyone returns to Konoha, where Ino makes a request to also become Tsunade's student. Tenten is enraged by the fact that she was left out of the mission. As Naruto prepares to leave for his two-and-a-half years of training with Jiraiya (who had returned with information about the Akatsuki's plans), the others discuss the future and resolve to train harder so as to keep up with Naruto. Hinata watches him head off.

Facts about Departure (episode)RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcUltimate Weapon Arc +
English airdate6 December 2009 +
English nameDeparture +
Episode number220 +
Japanese airdate8 February 2007 +
Kanji name旅立ち +
Manga Chapter238 +
NameDeparture (episode) +
NamesDeparture (episode) +, Departure +, 旅立ち + and Tabidachi +
PictureFile:Departure (episode).JPG +
Romaji nameTabidachi +

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