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Demon Desert

The Demon Desert.

The Demon Desert (魔の砂漠, Ma no Sabaku) is a desert located in the Land of Wind, off coast from Sunagakure. It serves as the stage for the second phase of the joint Chūnin Exams, and is roughly the equivalent to Konohagakure's Forest of Death, in size and in risk. In the centre of the desert lies the central tower, where the Suna Exploration Group and Kazekage monitor the exam from. It is also where all the genin candidates are to rendezvous after having the Heaven and Earth Scroll set.


It is an enclosed area, blocked by a fortress wall. The terrain is vastly covered with sand, having very few places where fresh water can be found. Poisonous cacti, rock formations, quick sand, sand currents, and a sand waterfall pit can also be found here, along with old ruins filled with past civilisation.

Additionally, the desert is home to many hardy types of animals, such as gigantic three-tailed scorpions and colonies of giant ants which prey on anything they can get their mandibles on.

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