Danzō's Right Arm

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Danzō's Right Arm
Danzo's Right Arm 209
(ダンゾウの右腕, Danzō no Migiude)
Episode data
Previous As One's Friend
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #209 (Watch Online)
Next The Forbidden Visual Jutsu
Arc Five Kage Summit Arc
Manga Chapter #476, Chapter #477
Japanese April 28, 2011
IzanagiSusanoo: CrushWind Release: Vacuum BladeWind Release: Vacuum Sphere
None in this Episode

Danzō's Right Arm (ダンゾウの右腕, Danzō no Migiude) is episode 209 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Danzō charges at Sasuke, but Sasuke uses his Susanoo to protect himself. Kakashi intends to stop Sakura from fighting Sasuke, while Yamato is instructed to bring Naruto back to Konoha, but Naruto collapses after hyperventilating. Danzō reveals to Sasuke that Itachi was instructed to destroy his clan. Sasuke then crushes Danzō, but Danzō comes out unharmed after each one of Sasuke's attacks. Sasuke falls off the bridge and summons a hawk to save himself. Later when Danzō finds himself in Sasuke's genjutsu, he sees Itachi standing behind him.

Facts about Danzō's Right ArmRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcFive Kage Summit Arc +
English nameDanzō's Right Arm +
Episode number209 +
Japanese airdate28 April 2011 +
Kanji nameダンゾウの右腕 +
Manga Chapter476 + and 477 +
NameDanzō's Right Arm +
NamesDanzō's Right Arm +, Danzō's Right Arm +, ダンゾウの右腕 + and Danzō no Migiude +
PictureDanzo's Right Arm 209 +
Romaji nameDanzō no Migiude +

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