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Dōtō Akimichi
秋道ドウトウ Akimichi Dōtō
Manga Volume #57, Naruto Chapter #542
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #282
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 29
Ninja Rank


Dōtō Akimichi (秋道ドウトウ, Akimichi Dōtō) is a jōnin from Konohagakure's Akimichi clan.


Minato squad

Dōtō and his team confront the Kumo-nin.

Dōtō was an influential person during the war between Konohagakure and Kumogakure[1] and part of a platoon consisting of him, Minato Namikaze, Gaku Inuzuka alongside his ninken and a fourth shinobi. During one of the battles, his platoon clashed with the A–B Combo. While Minato was fighting their enemies, however, the Konoha shinobi received a signal to retreat.


Like other members of the Akimichi clan, he is very robust. He wears a samurai-like outfit with the kanji for "food" (, shoku) on the front, and has distinctive serpentine markings on his cheeks. He covers his long, light-brown, spiky hair with a Konoha forehead protector that he wears like a bandana. He also carries a .


Dōtō was an influential shinobi during the previous war and was placed to the battlefields' front-lines for that reason, hinting towards remarkable skills.[1] Although the full extent of his abilities are unknown, as part of the Akimichi clan, in can be assumed Dōtō can convert calories into chakra in order to perform his clan's secret techniques. He is also seemingly proficient with wielding a bō.


  • When written as "同等", Dōtō stands for "equality", while "堂塔" is an old way to write "temple" or "temple buildings".


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