Curse Mask

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Curse Mask
  • The mask.
  • The mask cracked.
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress
Appears in Game

It was given by Orochimaru to Kasumi in order for her to get revenge to "Konohagakure" for destroying Castle Dusk. In order to use this mask, however, Kasumi must sacrifice her physical form to be intertwined with the castle. It also gave the user's hatred.


This mask was able to create illusions, as well to let the user to deactivate the enemy's dōjutsu while in the castle.

Since the mask feeds on the user's hatred, it has a weakness on the user when wearing a curse mask. If the user lose some of hatred, the mask will crack, until the user completely lose hatred, thus destroying the mask.

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