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Curry of Life
Curry of Life
Kanji 命のカレー
Rōmaji Inochi no Karē
Literal English Curry of Life
Anime Naruto Episode #152
Appears in Anime

The Curry of Life (命のカレー, Inochi no Karē) is a curry created by Karashi prior to joining Raiga and the Kurosuki family. Because of its intense spiciness, the curry of life has special properties that can revive an unconscious or dying person. It can also strengthen a person after it is eaten a few times. However, it seems to have opposite effects on people that have lower tolerance with spicy food, such as Neji Hyūga, and knocks them unconscious. It is especially liked by Rock Lee, who claims that he had once been "saved" by the curry before. After accidentally spilling some alcohol in the curry and serving it to the team, Lee ate it and he started to perform the Drunken Fist. At the end, Sanshō made a curry so intense that the colour changed to red. Lee attempts to eat it, but was interrupted by Neji and Naruto as they dragged him back to Konoha.

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