Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique

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File:Guren using the Gods' Crossing Jutsu.jpg
  • Name: Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique (晶遁・御神渡りの術, Shōton: Omiwatari no Jutsu)
  • Type: No rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Mid to long range (0-10m+)
  • User: Guren
  • Hand Seals: Ram, Boar
  • Debut (Anime): Shippūden Episode 99

This jutsu will create a long stream of sharp crystals to bind or pierce a target.


The name of this technique comes from a natural phenomenon that occurs in Lake Suwa in Japan's Nagano Prefecture. In winter, the lake's surface freezes over, but because of a natural hot spring under the lake, the lower waters remain warm and circulating. This causes pressure ridges to appear on the ice, reaching heights of 30 centimetres or more. Local belief holds that these ridges are formed by gods crossing the lake to visit the various buildings of the twelve centuries old Suwa Grand Shrine.

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