Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars

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editCrystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars
Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars
Kanji 晶遁・翠晶六角柱
Rōmaji Shōton: Suishō Rokkakuchū
English anime Crystal Style: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Column
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #98
Appears in Anime
Classification Nature Icon Crystal Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Hand seals Rat → Snake → Ram → Dog → Tiger → Hands clapped together

By creating five large crystalline pillars around the user, this technique can be used to enhance the potency of other techniques. It was used to greatly amplify Yūkimaru's ability to the point that he could summon the Three-Tails, although with assistance from Kabuto's medication.


  • Even though the technique's name includes "hexagonal", the pillars appear in a pentagonal formation.

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