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[[File:Crow Clone.PNG|thumb|Itachi's usage of crows.]]
{{translation|'''[[Wikipedia:Crows|Crows]]'''|烏|Karasu}} are the characteristic summon of [[Itachi Uchiha]]. At some point in time, Itachi made a contract with crows which allows him to summon them as he wishes. He mainly used them combined with his [[genjutsu]] as well as [[ninjutsu]] while fighting — often de-materialising into a flock of crows or summoning them from underneath his cloak to blind his target. He also used a variation of the [[Clone Technique]] called the [[Crow Clone Technique]] where he used his crows as a medium to create a copy of himself which, when hit, dispersed back into crows.
== Known Crows ==
[[File:Itachi's crow.png|thumb|left|Itachi's crow with Shisui's Sharingan.]]
The only [[Itachi's Crow|distinguished crow]] Itachi has ever summoned possessed his best friend [[Shisui Uchiha]]'s [[Sharingan]] in its left eye socket. Itachi stored this crow within [[Naruto Uzumaki]] right before going off to fight his brother [[Sasuke]] and hoped that for Naruto's sake, he would never have to use it. Some time later, during the [[Fourth Shinobi World War]], when Itachi was [[Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation|reincarnated]], he was forced to summon the crow and have it use Shisui's ultimate [[Mangekyō Sharingan]] technique on him: [[Kotoamatsukami]] — in order to free himself from [[Kabuto Yakushi]]'s control. Seemingly not wanting the eye to fall into the wrong hands, Itachi later incinerated the crow with the flames of [[Amaterasu]], stating that Shisui's eye would be of no use to them for at least another decade.
== Other Uses ==
* [[Aoba Yamashiro]]'s [[Scattering Thousand Crows Technique]] makes use of this animal as well. Whether or not these are summoned creatures is unknown.
== Trivia ==
* There is at least one crow mentioned in Shintō. Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, had a three-legged crow named Yatagarasu. Interestingly enough, in addition to using crows in his techniques, Itachi has a technique named Amaterasu. He used this attack against Pain’s [[Giant Drill-Beaked Bird]], which also had three legs.
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