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(足止め…!!, Ashidome…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Hokage vs. Hokage!! (#14)
Previous "The Mission Given…!!"
Chapter Naruto #118
Next "My Life…!!"
Arc Invasion of Konoha Arc
Anime Naruto #69, Naruto #70
Hashirama SenjuTobirama Senju
None in this Chapter
Shinobi Battle Armour
None in this Chapter
"Confinement…!!" (足止め…!!, Ashidome…!!) is chapter 118 of the original Naruto manga.


To share the thrill of getting to fight one's former masters, Orochimaru summons the First Hokage and the Second Hokage for Sarutobi's benefit. Meanwhile, Sakura informs Naruto and Shikamaru of the mission given to them by Kakashi. Pakkun alerts them to the fact that they are being followed by nine Otogakure ninja. Naruto suggests ambushing them, but Shikamaru states that this would waste too much time and that it would make no difference since they are all under-qualified to neutralise the ninja. Shikamaru volunteers to stay behind and buy time for Naruto and Sakura to catch up to Sasuke. The Oto ninja pick up on his trail, but it does not stop them from getting trapped by his shadow.

Facts about "Confinement…!!"RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Konoha Arc +
Chapter number118 +
English nameConfinement…!! +
Kanji name足止め…!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
MangaNaruto +
NamesConfinement…!! +, 足止め…!! + and Ashidome…!! +
Romaji nameAshidome…!! +
Volume number14 +

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