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|image=Cloud Style Flame Beheading.png
|image=Kumo-Ryū Kaengiri.png
|unnamed jutsu=No
|unnamed jutsu=No

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Cloud-Style Flame Beheading
Kumo-Ryū Kaengiri
Kanji 雲流火炎斬り
Rōmaji Kumo-Ryū Kaengiri
Viz print media Cloud Style: Flame Slice
Manga Volume #56, Chapter #527
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #269
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow, Kenjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Mid-range

The user first imbues their blade with fire, before slashing in the direction of the desired enemy, resulting in the creation of large arcs of intense flame that follow the trajectory of the previous swing. A skilled user of this technique, such as Atsui, is capable of surrounding their immediate area with a circular wall of flames, incinerating multiple targets even if they approach from numerous angles simultaneously.

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