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This is the article on the actual ninjutsu. For the classification of this ninjutsu, head to Clone Techniques.
editClone Technique [1][2]
Clone technique
Kanji 分身の術
Rōmaji Bunshin no Jutsu
Viz print media Art of the Doppleganger
English anime Clone Jutsu
Alternative names Art of Body Splitting
Manga Volume #1, Naruto Chapter #1
Anime Naruto Episode #1
Game Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Ninjutsu, Clone Techniques, General skill
Rank E-rank
Class Supplementary
Hand seals Ram → Snake → Tiger
Derived jutsu

A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively. The clones may not dissipate when they come into contact with something.

These clones can be easily distinguished by persons with dōjutsu. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones do not have shadows and will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (i.e. won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

Trivia Edit

  • Part of the requirements to graduate from Konoha's Academy and become a genin is to properly use this technique during their evaluation.[3] Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee are the only two ninja known to graduate without mastering this technique (although Naruto did learn the far more advanced Shadow Clone Technique).
  • When Sakura performs this technique, the hand seals she uses are: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog.[4]

References Edit

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  2. Official Fanbook, page 163
  3. Naruto chapter 1, page 15
  4. Naruto episode 42

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