Clone Snakes

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Clone Snakes
  • The snakes when gathered together.
  • The snakes when scattering.
Kanji クローン蛇
Rōmaji Kurōn Hebi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #290
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Derived jutsu
Body Recreation Technique


After implanting Orochimaru's DNA, Kabuto developed a large amount of tiny snakes that multiply at a rapid rate and can merge into either a clone of another living being using a genetic sample or a larger serpent for combat. During the Chikara Arc, Kabuto not only created a clone Hidan, but also one of Naruto with Kurama's chakra as well. However, the clone snakes have a short lifespan, with what they form into eventually suffering a cellular breakdown within 48 hours of existence.

Clone Snakes: Serpent Technique:

  • ....which turns into a clone of him.
  • One of Kabuto's snakes...

Kabuto slams his hand on the surface of water containing his specially-developed snakes and emits dark-red lightning, which causes the snakes to take on the form of a giant blue snake with a red mouth and no eyes. The snake then rams and pushes the enemy underwater in an attempt to drown them. Kabuto used this technique within The Hole, which is known to speed up the recreation process of his snakes.

Body Recreation Technique

  • ....until it takes form of the human.
  • The body being recreated....

Kabuto uses specially-developed snakes to execute the process of recreation and multiplication of another being's cells to create a living clone of them—a process which requires the DNA of the intended target. The spring water produced by The Hole appears to catalyse and speed up the recreation process because of the large "life force" flowing through it. The downside to the accelerated rate at which the clone matures is that the snakes composing it have a very short lifespan, resulting in the clone splitting apart and dying after approximately 48 hours. Once the clone is created, Kabuto is able to gain control of it by placing a special talisman into its head. Depending on the talisman used, the clone can either become a mindless tool under Kabuto's control, with eyes possessing black sclera and white irides, or allowed to access their genetic source's personality and memories, while possessing eyes with dark grey sclera and white, snake-like irides. Clones produced through this method are also able to use any abilities possessed by their original selves, including those that they did not naturally acquire. While not in battle, Kabuto stored the clones he created within large snakes, which would burst out of the ground and release their contents when needed.

Kabuto first used this technique to create a clone of Akatsuki member Hidan by placing snakes containing his DNA into the water produced by The Hole, causing them to quickly form into a humanoid shape, and then giving it life with a talisman. Later, snakes which had been ingested by Naruto Uzumaki created a clone of him upon exiting his body; a process which had greatly weakened him over the course of a day and ultimately paralysed him. Unlike the clone of Hidan, this clone did not require the insertion of a talisman to gain life and, due to the influence of Kurama's chakra, was formed in Naruto's four-tailed Version 2 state and possessed a strangely coloured body as well as a tail. The clone was also capable of resisting the control of Kabuto's talisman once it was inserted.


  • While in The Hole, Kabuto compared this process to a viral infection, presumably due to how rapidly it occurs.
  • The clones created through this method lack clothing, unlike individuals revived with Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation.

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