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Anime Naruto Episode #177 (Mentioned)
Appears in Anime

The unnamed daimyō of the Land of Claws sent a peace message to the Fang Daimyō when their two countries were close to erupting into war.


The Claw Daimayo is a huge fan of the Icha Icha novels. He enjoys gifts very much. He also desires peace between his people and others.

Part I Edit

The courier ninja in charge of delivering the letter to the Fang Daimyō mixed up the document with the draft of an upcoming "Icha Icha" novel ghostwritten by Naruto. The Fang Daimyō, being a fan of the series, misunderstood it as a gift from the Claw Daimyō to seal a peace agreement. Through these series of events, the war was stopped.

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