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This is the article on the daimyō. For the anime-only arc, head to Power (Arc).
editChikara Browse icon
チカラ Chikara
Anime Naruto Episode #192
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

Chikara (チカラ, Chikara) is the current daimyō of the Land of Noodles.

Background Edit

He got engaged with Princess Fuku, through an arranged marriage.

Personality Edit

He has a very romantic personality. He appears to take offence if anyone calls him fat — similar to Chōji Akimichi's reaction. He is also a very passionate man who likes larger women. He see's flowers as a blessing. Ino described him as being a very stuck up individual.

Appearance Edit

Chikara is a fat man who resembles a rock star. He has a red and white shirt and some buttons are opened, showing his hairy chest. He has a silver necklace with a star-shaped pendant.

Part I Edit

Matchmaking Proxy Mission Edit

Princess Fuku hired Ino Yamanaka and Naruto Uzumaki to pretend to be her, while she tried to loose weight. They couldn't hold it for long though. When Chikara found out about the real Princess Fuku, he loved her looks more than Ino's and the engagement got confirmed. Ino and Naruto are rather taken aback by the daimyō's looks after having heard how handsome and desirable he is from the princess. Nonetheless, her opinion is supported by the daimyō's attendants, who swoon over him.

Trivia Edit

  • "Chikara" () means "power".
  • His appearance is similar to many Elvis impersonators. Particularly those that impersonate Elvis' Las Vegas years, when he put on a great deal of weight.

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