Chidori True Spear

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Chidori True Spear
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Kanji 千鳥真槍
Rōmaji Chidori Shinsō
Literal English One Thousand Birds True Spear
English games Chidori True Spear
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Sasuke starts off by dashing at his opponent with a Chidori in his hand. As he strikes his opponent, he uses Shape Transformation to extend the Chidori into a lightning spear that impales and hurtles the opponent into the air. Sasuke then increases the potency of the lightning, generating a powerful electric explosion at the end of the spear and sending the opponent back to the ground.


  • Shinsō (真槍) means "spear", but when the kanji are read separately, it means "true spear". True means that it's a real spear and not one used for training.

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