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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on chapter 439. If you are looking for the article on the technique then you should head to Chibaku Tensei. For other uses, see Chibaku Tensei (disambiguation).
Chibaku Tensei
(地爆天星, Chibaku Tensei)
Chapter Info
Volume The Seal Destroyed!!
Previous The Seal Destroyed!!
Chapter 439
Next A Conversation with the Fourth!!
Arc Invasion of Pain Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #167, Naruto Shippūden #168
None in this Chapter
Chibaku Tensei
None in this Chapter
Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星, Chibaku Tensei) is chapter 439 of the Naruto manga.


Over Konan's objections, Nagato uses Chibaku Tensei through the Deva Path, further weakening his already frail body. Naruto, in a six-tailed form, is caught in a giant sphere of debris. He enters an eight-tailed form to escape, but even then he has difficulty. Frustrated, Naruto, within his subconscious, cries out for help. The Nine-Tails offers to destroy Naruto's enemies if he lets it go. Naruto prepares to remove the seal keeping the Nine-Tails contained, but is stopped by the Fourth Hokage, who thanks the Nine-Tails and its bad influence for giving him a chance to see his son.

Facts about Chibaku Tensei (chapter)RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Pain Arc +
Chapter number439 +
English nameChibaku Tensei +
Kanji name地爆天星 +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesChibaku Tensei + and 地爆天星 +
Romaji nameChibaku Tensei +
Volume number47 +

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