Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry

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"Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry"
-Five Seals Barrier-
(突入!ボタンフックエントリー, Totsunyū! Botan Fukku Entorī)
Episode data
Previous "The Death of Gaara!"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #18 (Watch Online)
Next "Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies!"
Arc Kazekage Rescue Arc
Manga Chapter #262, Chapter #263
Japanese June 21, 2007
English January 20, 2010
None in this Episode
Mirrored Sudden Attacker Technique
None in this Episode
"Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry" (突入!ボタンフックエントリー, Totsunyū! Botan Fukku Entorī) is episode 18 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry (突入!ボタンフックエントリー, Totsunyū! Botan Fukku Entorī) is episode 18 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Kakashi and Guy's teams find out that there is a barrier protecting the Akatsuki hideout, being generated by five forbidden tags in the nearby area. Neji pinpoints the tags' locations with his Byakugan, and Team Guy dispatches to remove the tags and disables the barrier, allowing Team Kakashi to enter the hideout. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki members end their astral projection technique and leave the hideout, except for Deidara and Sasori, who are ordered by the Akatsuki leader to dispose of the intruders.

Facts about "Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcKazekage Rescue Arc +
English airdate20 January 2010 +
English nameCharge Tactic! Button Hook Entry +
Episode number18 +
Japanese airdate21 June 2007 +
Kanji name突入!ボタンフックエントリー +
Manga Chapter262 + and 263 +
NameCharge Tactic! Button Hook Entry +
NamesCharge Tactic! Button Hook Entry +, 突入!ボタンフックエントリー + and Totsunyū! Botan Fukku Entorī +
Picture-Five Seals Barrier- +
Romaji nameTotsunyū! Botan Fukku Entorī +

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