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チャムー Chamū
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Appears in Movie
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Sabre-toothed cat

Chamū (チャムー, Chamū) is a sabre-tooth tiger and a trained circus animal.

Plot Overview

Chamū is a trained circus animal belonging to the circus that Michiru Tsuki purchases. Hikaru Tsuki rides him in order to get a closer shot using a bow and arrow to cut the rope hanging his father. On the travel to the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Chamū's cage nearly falls into the water and Hikaru bravely tries to save him and after that Chamū is very warm towards Hikaru. He, along with Kiki, restrain Ishidate, allowing the injured Naruto to hit him with the Crescent Moon Rasengan.

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