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editChamū Browse icon
チャムー Chamū
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Appears in Movie
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Sabre-toothed cat

Chamū (チャムー, Chamū) is a trained circus animal from the circus that Michiru Tsuki purchases.


Chamū was the only sabre-toothed tiger in captivity. He worked alongside Kiki in a circus and was their best act.

Personality Edit

Chamū has been a loving pet to Hikaru ever since he saved him. Now Chamū will work really hard to protect his owner and friends.

Abilities Edit

Chamū is a large sabre-toothed tiger. His entire body is muscle and he can jump really high and far even while carrying people on his back. He has big sharp claws and fangs that he uses to attack his enemies. He is also very agile.

Plot Overview Edit

Hikaru Tsuki rode him in order to get a closer shot using a bow and arrow to cut the rope hanging his father. On the travel to the Land of the Moon, Chamū's cage nearly fell into the water and Hikaru bravely tried to save him and after which Chamū became very warm towards him. He, along with Kiki, restrained Ishidate, allowing an injured Naruto to hit him with Crescent Moon Rasengan.

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