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Chain Wind Staff
Chain Wind Staff
Kanji 鎖風棒
Rōmaji Kusari Fūbō
Literal English Chain Wind Staff
English anime Waving Chains
Anime Naruto Episode #162
Appears in Anime

The Chain Wind Staff (鎖風棒, Kusari Fūbō) is a weapon wielded by Tenten. It is very similar to a short chigiriki, albeit it has a weighted chain attached to each end. It is summoned from one of Tenten's smaller scrolls and can be thrown like a boomerang of sorts. The quick rotation of the two chains was shown to be powerful enough to cut through the helmet of the Cursed Warrior.


  • Despite only being unsealed from a scroll, Tenten needed to draw blood to summon this weapon.
  • Its design is similar to a cumberjung.

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