Ceramic Village
Kanji 陶の里
Rōmaji Chori no Sato
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
Village Data
Country Land of Wind
Leader Gosho

The Ceramic Village (陶の里, Chori no Sato) was a small village in the Land of Wind. It was once famous for its Hanasaki (花咲き, Literally meaning: Flower Bloom) pottery, characterised by its pure white colour. Although it technically never stopped being famous for this pottery, Sasori believed the village had lost its artistic integrity long ago. One of the village's potters, Kanyū, agreed with this and hoped to restore the Hanasaki style to its former glory, a desire that nobody in the village supported.

The village was littered with Hanasaki ceramics, to the point that even the buildings appeared all white because so much pottery adorned them. Sasori and his Akatsuki partner, Deidara, visited the village in order to take the village's white clay for use in Deidara's Exploding Clay. After acquiring it, Deidara blew up the village with his C2, killing everyone living there. They spared only Kanyū, believing that she alone had a respectable artistic vision.