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editCactus Genjutsu
  • Once a victim comes in contact with the pollen of a cactus…
  • …they cross the same area over and over again in their mind…
  • …while in reality, they did not move at all.
Kanji サボテンの幻術
Rōmaji Saboten no Genjutsu
Literal English Cactus Illusion Technique
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #399
Appears in Anime
Classification Genjutsu
Class Supplementary

Using a nearby cactus' pollen, the user places anyone who comes in contact with it under a strong genjutsu that is hardly noticeable due to the technique's inconspicuous execution. In this genjutsu, the victim has the impression to cross an area over and over again while in reality, it does not move at all.

The technique can be countered by marking an area within the genjutsu, so that the never-ending circle can be noticed. Once noticed, the technique can be easily dispelled.

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