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Byakuya Gang
Byakuya Gang
Byakuya Gang (白夜団, Byakuyadan, Literally meaning: White Night Gang)
Anime Boruto Episode #42
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The Byakuya Gang (白夜団, Byakuyadan) was a group of owl-masked thieves formed by Gekkō who stole from the rich and then sold the goods, in an effort to distribute the proceeds to the poor in remote areas, leading to them being regarded as noble thieves.

Their actions have ultimately lead them to gain much support from various civilians in the Land of Fire. However, the group was revealed to be a ruse by Gekkō, who was building up a group of followers that would ultimately aid him in becoming rich himself.


After being active in several villages, the group orchestrated Haguruma to unknowingly create a diversion for them in the Konoha Bank, while they used Ryōgi's Ice Release to break into the bank's safe and steal all of the jewels. Later, the group robbed the Nakrin Building for a huge haul, and on another day, robbed the Fukutoku Store after tying up a staff member.