"Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Technique!" (白眼VS影分身!オレはゼってー勝つ!!, Byakugan Bāsasu Kage Bunshin! Ore wa Zettē Katsu!!) is episode 60 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto looks around for Sasuke, who hasn't shown up, and Shikamaru wonders why Dosu hasn't shown up as well. The Anbu also start looking for Sasuke. The "Fourth Kazekage" arrives with his bodyguards, and the Third Hokage commences the final exam. Genma announces that the first match will be Naruto vs. Neji. Before the match starts, Naruto repeats what he said before, that he will defeat Neji. Neji says that Naruto will be the one to lose. The match begins with Naruto throwing a few kunai but missing Neji. He then attacks Neji directly, only to be easily dodged. Neji attacks Naruto with Gentle Fist but misses Naruto's tenketsu. Neji says that Naruto has no chance of winning, but Naruto counters saying he was only testing how strong Neji is. Naruto uses Shadow Clone Technique and attacks with groups of clones, but Neji skillfully makes short work of them. The real Naruto remains standing, with Neji saying that fate is determined at birth and being Hokage is chosen by destiny. Naruto gets angry at Neji's cruel words and concludes that he doesn't give up so easily, with the ending shown Naruto using Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.