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By You
(お前に, Omae ni)
Chapter Info
Previous Head
Chapter 614
Next The Connected Ones
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #364
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
By You (お前に, Omae ni) is chapter 614 of the Naruto manga.


Though Chōji tries to console his best friend, Shikamaru reminds him and Ino that they were in the middle of war and that there was no time for unnecessary conversation, and that they had to carry out his father's strategy. Confused, Naruto begins to question the situation, but before they can explain that Inoichi and Shikaku had been killed, the Ten-Tails attacks once more. Leaping into action, Neji and Hiashi are able to deflect the beast's attack, and as everyone begins to praise the Hyūga clan, Hiashi tells Naruto that he had to focus and that in war people might die, but if they lost the war, everyone would die. As he assures them that Inoichi and Shikaku were proud as shinobi to have died before their children, Neji echoes his uncle's sentiments, referring to his own father's sacrifice. With this Neji, Hiashi, and Hinata declare that they would protect him until the very end. Meanwhile atop the Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito discuss how to proceed with their plans and the fact that in order to become the beast's jinchūriki, Madara required a living body which could only be given by Obito sacrificing his own, which left the legendary Uchiha, at the mercy of his descendant. With Obito deciding to teach the Allied Shinobi Forces despair, the beast begins to attack again, sending wooden projectiles flying towards the shinobi. As the attacks are being deflected from Naruto by the Hyūga, Kitsuchi builds his chakra in preparation to use his signature technique. With the beast's hand itself bearing down on the group, Hiashi uses the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm to deflect it. The beast then uses a pin-point attack which Hiashi realises they could not deflect in time. As Hinata throws out her arms to protect Naruto, Neji actually intercepts the attack, and while Naruto calls for the medics, Neji notes that it was already too late. As Hiashi looks on in horror and Hinata cries openly, Naruto questions why a genius from the Hyūga clan would throw away his life for him, and Neji, who notes that he finally understood his father's feelings, states that it was for that exact reason that he did it: because Naruto called him a genius. With this, the juinjutsu on Neji's forehead disappears as it seals away his Byakugan. Obito then taunts Naruto, questioning if it had not been him who stated that he would not let his friends die.

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ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number614 +
English nameBy You +
Kanji nameお前に +
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NamesBy You +, お前に + and Omae ni +
Romaji nameOmae ni +
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