Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!

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Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!
Episode 66
(嵐を呼ぶ男!!サスケのゲジマユ流体術!, Arashi o Yobu Otoko!! Sasuke no Gejimayu-ryū Taijutsu!)
Episode data
Previous Dancing Leaf, Squirming Sand
Episode Naruto #66
Next Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born!
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Manga Chapter #111, Chapter #112
Japanese January 14, 2004
English December 16, 2006
None in this Episode
Sand Clone
None in this Episode

Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style! (嵐を呼ぶ男!!サスケのゲジマユ流体術!, Arashi o Yobu Otoko!! Sasuke no Gejimayu-ryū Taijutsu!) is episode 66 of the original Naruto anime.


Just after the match started Gaara had another brutal headache and started talking about his mother. The scene changed to Naruto and Shikamaru in a flashback of the hospital events. Then Sasuke and Gaara officially started fighting. As Lee did previously, using the speed and taijutsu abilities he gained during his training, Sasuke is able to bypass Gaara's sand-based defences with ease. While the match continues, Naruto and Shikamaru both reflect on how Gaara thinks that his point in life is to kill others. Naruto decides that if the match continues, Sasuke will die, and rushes upstairs to tell Kakashi to stop the match. However, this time Gaara, determined to kill Sasuke, retreats inside his Shield of Sand to begin his transformation.

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