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(ブラザー, Burazā)
Chapter Info
Volume Battle of the Death inside the Water Prison!!
Previous Battle of the Death inside the Water Prison!!
Chapter 473
Next His Resolve as the Hokage…!!
Arc Five Kage Summit Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #207, Naruto Shippūden #208
None in this Chapter
Lightning Release: Double Lariat
None in this Chapter
Brother (ブラザー, Burazā) is chapter 473 of the Naruto manga.


Kisame is stopped from harming Killer B by the Fourth Raikage, drawn to the site of the water dome Kisame created earlier. Samehada restores B's chakra reserves, allowing him and the Raikage to team up and decapitate Kisame before he could use another jutsu. In the Land of Iron, Suigetsu and Jūgo are captured while Ao is elsewhere saved from death by the Fifth Mizukage. , still in control of Ao's body, asks the Mizukage to help him remove the Byakugan's defences. This alerts her to Ao's predicament, forcing Fū to relinquish control. Meanwhile, Sai's ink clone approaches Naruto to tell him what Sakura could not.

Facts about BrotherRDF feed
ArcFive Kage Summit Arc +
Chapter number473 +
English nameBrother +
Kanji nameブラザー +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesBrother +, ブラザー + and Burazā +
Romaji nameBurazā +
Volume number50 +

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