Body Revival Technique

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Body Revival Technique

Nikutai Kassei
Kanji 肉体活性の術
Rōmaji Nikutai Kassei no Jutsu
Literal English Body Revival Technique
English TV Body Activation Jutsu
Movie Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds
Appears in Movie only
Classification Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary

This is a high level medical ninjutsu, and Shinnō's signature technique.


The principles of this technique is to take advantage of the muscles' ability to grow stronger after repairing itself from damage. Understanding this theory, the Body Revival Technique can increase the strength of the user by manipulating the "Destruction and Rebirth" cycle of the muscles.

This technique allows the user to survive any otherwise normally fatal damage and instantly heal from the damage. A unique trait of this technique is that it can momentarily give the user the appearance of death, fooling even the most talented medical-nins.

When combined with Dark Chakra, this technique can also be used to physically enhance the person to superhuman levels of speed, strength, and healing capabilities. It also alters the person's physical appearance drastically, making them younger and more fit in looks. By Shinnō's claim, this form allows him to perform techniques that are normally taxing for the body, including open all Eight Gates, without any drawbacks.


  • This technique's principles is fundamentally similar to biofeedback.

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