Body Fluid Shedding Technique

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Body Fluid Shedding Technique
Manga Volume #61, Naruto Chapter #579
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary

A technique that allows Kabuto to liquefy his body and the snakes he controls at will, which he created after examining and altering the Hōzuki clan's Hydrification Technique.

By partitioning parts of his body using his own bodily fluids, Kabuto is able to separate portions of himself in a manner reminiscent of a snake shedding its skin, similar to other techniques, while leaving behind only trails of chakra-infused liquid. Due to these resulting trails of fluid, Kabuto can inhibit certain forms of sensing techniques from detecting him, such as dōjutsu. He can also liquefy his insides to prevent himself from experiencing the harmful effects of intense sound vibrations.[1]

Kabuto has employed this ability to liquefy parts of his body for the purpose of escaping stabbings or piercing attacks without injury, as shown when he had escaped having his tail punctured and pinned down by Susanoo's arrow.[2]


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