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Blue Lullaby (青のララバイ, Ao no Rarabai), performed by Kuroneko Chelsea (黒猫チェルシー, Kuroneko Cherushī), is the thirty-seventh ending of Naruto: Shippūden. It began on episode 455 and ended on episode 466. It was replaced by Pino and Amélie.



Kaze ga fui te iku
Yoru o mata yorokete aruku
Butsukatte koron de shippai bakkashite
Make sō ni naru kedo

Warawaretatte ii yo kanarazu umaku iku sa
Gomen ne datte ieru

Nakitai nakitai nakitai kurai ni
Kirei no tsuki no shita uta o utaou
Donna ni kuradanai sekai datte ii yo
Setsunai Setsunai rarabai kurai ni
Mune ga kuroshikute mo hecchara na no sa
Naki sō Naki sō Naki sō na hodo
Yasashii uta datte arun dakara


ぶつかって転んで 失敗ばっかして

笑われたっていいよ 必ずうまくいくさ

綺麗な月の下 歌うを歌おう
胸が苦しくても へっちゃらなのさ
やさしい歌だって あるんだから


The wind is blowing,
Again, you stumble, walking through the night
You bump into things and fall, you do nothing but fail
It seems like you’re on the verge of losing, but

You can still laugh it out, it’ll go well without fail
You can still say sorry

To the point where you’d want to cry, cry, cry
Under the beautiful moon, let’s sing a song
However worthless of a world we’re in it doesn’t matter
Even if your heart hurts, hurts
Because of this painful lullaby, keep calm
Because some songs are gentle, gentle, gentle
They can make you feel like crying


The characters in order of appearance:

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