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Blood Circulator (ブラッドサーキュレーター, Buraddo Sākyurētā), performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, is the nineteenth opening for the Naruto: Shippūden anime. It began on episode 459 and ended on episode 479. It was replaced by Empty Heart.



Aimaina hyōden koshiraete hitatteru no
Seze saisai nani o mada motteru no
Itsunomanika hitori ni natta
Tameiki hitotsu haite nageite

Jōnetsu ya shita anogoro o
Shinketsu sosoide torimodosu nda
En de tsunagareba kono hibi mo
Suteru hodo koware tenaidarou

Ayumi o tomenaide
Kibō o sutenaide
Dōka furimuite
Dō ka kimiyo

Jin Jin kokorogaitamunara
Kan'nen no ori o uchiyaburu nda
En'en tsukihi wa megurukedo
Suteru ni wa yami ga asaidarou

Jōnetsu moyashita anogoro o
Shinketsu sosoide torimodosu nda
Ai o wakeaeba kono hibi mo
Mōichido kimi o terasudarou


曖昧な評伝 拵え て浸ってるの
世世 歳歳 何をまだ持ってるの
ため息ひとつ吐いて 嘆いて

情熱 やしたあの頃を
縁で繋がれば この日々も

どうか 君よ

ジンジン 心が傷むなら
延々 月日は巡るけど

情熱 燃やしたあの頃を
愛を分け合えば この日々も
もう一度 君を照らすだろう


You allowed yourself to be consumed
After all these years what have you gained?
Before you knew it you were all alone
You let out a painful sigh

You were once burning with passion
You must pour your heart into your soul
Compared to the challenges of today
It's not worth throwing it all away

Do not stop to walk
Do not give up hope
Please turn back
Please hear me!

If your heart is tingling with pain
Break free your idea from it's cage
The endless waiting is over at last
Only shallow darkness is left behind

You allowed yourself to be consumed
After all these years what have you gained?
The days that you used to love
Will once again shine on you


The characters in order of appearance:


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