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Biwako Sarutobi

(猿飛ビワコ, Sarutobi Biwako)
Manga Chapter #500
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #247
Game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Appears in Anime, Manga and Game
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased

Biwako Sarutobi (猿飛ビワコ, Sarutobi Biwako) was the wife of Hiruzen Sarutobi.


She was one of the few people to know about the special circumstances surrounding Naruto Uzumaki's birth, acting as a midwife for Kushina Uzumaki. She was killed by Obito Uchiha shortly after Naruto's birth.


Biwako seemed to be as wise and intelligent as her husband, giving somewhat sagelike advice to Kushina about childbirth. She also seems to be very strongly opinionated about women, stating that they were far stronger than men because they can endure childbirth while men cannot. She also wasn't above reprimanding Minato for not focusing on keeping the seal intact during his wife's birth even though he was Hokage.

In the anime, Biwako was shown to believe that when a child is born the mother should be the first of the two parents to meet the newborn due to what they go through during childbirth as shown when Minato tried to meet Naruto and she turned him away.


Biwako had long, brown hair which she kept in a high ponytail, dark eyes, slightly visible creases at the corners of her eyes and her mouth. She wore an outfit similar to that of the standard Hokage garb, with her under-gown being purple, along with sandals.


  • (To Minato) "You're the Fourth Hokage, so stop being so terrified!! If she were a man, she'd have long died from the pain! At least women are strong!!" (四代目火影ともあろうもんがオタオタすなえ!!男なら痛さでとーにくたばっとる!じゃが女は強い!!, Yondaime Hokage to mo arō mon ga otaota sunae!! Otoko nara itasa de tō ni kutabattoru! Jaga onna wa tsuyoi!!)[1]


  1. Naruto chapter 500, page 12

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