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== Background ==
== Background ==
[[File:Mikoto introduce Sasuke.png|thumb|left|Biwako and Kushina are introduced to Sasuke.]]
[[File:Mikoto introduce Sasuke.png|thumb|left|Biwako and Kushina are introduced to Sasuke.]]
Biwako forces herself onto several female genin students before killing them off one by one because she is a mean person. He uses a strap on and doesn't like anyone with blonde hair so she forces them harder.</ref>
Biwako and her husband [[Hiruzen Sarutobi]] met with [[Kushina]] and [[Minato Namikaze]] shortly before Kushina was to give birth. Because Kushina was a [[jinchūriki]], Hiruzen thought it best for Kushina to give birth at a secure location where Minato could maintain the seal, guarded by [[ANBU]] and with Biwako and [[Taji]] as her midwives. While they were on their way to the location, Kushina stopped to speak with [[Mikoto Uchiha]] who had just had her own baby. Biwako was pleasantly surprised that Mikoto had decided to name the boy after the Third's [[Sasuke Sarutobi|father]] but prompted Kushina to leave, warning her as they left that her delivery was top-secret. When Kushina went into labour Biwako had to calm a hysterical Minato down as he maintained the seal, noting that women were a lot stronger than men. No sooner had Biwako delivered baby [[Naruto]] was she struck down by a [[masked man]] who had also killed all the ANBU stationed outside.<ref>''Naruto'' chapter 500, pages 9-17</ref>
== Personality ==
== Personality ==

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