Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light

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Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light
Naruto defeats gaara
(リミットぶっちぎり! ~光と闇~, Rimitto Bucchigiri! ~Hikari to Yami~)
Episode data
Previous Naruto's Ninja Handbook
Episode Naruto #79
Next The Third Hokage, Forever…
Arc Invasion of Konoha Arc
Manga Chapter #136, Chapter #137
Japanese April 14, 2004
English March 17, 2007
Shibi AburameThree Haimaru BrothersHana InuzukaTsume InuzukaKuromaruSajin
Mind Body Disturbance TechniqueShadow–Neck Binding Technique
None in this Episode

Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light (リミットぶっちぎり! ~光と闇~, Rimitto Bucchigiri! ~Hikari to Yami~) is episode 79 of the original Naruto anime.


As they transformed, and while Gamabunta held Shukaku in place, Naruto awakened Gaara. Naruto delivered a hard punch to Gaara, causing him to wake up. In doing so Gaara was able to suppress Shukaku. Across Konoha, Konoha's ninja, including the parents of many of the Genin, began the counterattack on the invading forces. At the site of the Third Hokage's battle with Orochimaru, the Third realised that he didn't have enough strength left to fully seal Orochimaru's soul, and instead opted to seal his former pupil's arms. He successfully did so, thus robbing Orochimaru of his ability to use jutsu. Wishing his student a fond farewell, the Third died after reciting one last proverb. At this time Naruto and Gaara leapt at each other, and Naruto succeeded in delivering the winning blow.

Facts about Beyond the Limit of Darkness and LightRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcInvasion of Konoha Arc +
English airdate17 March 2007 +
English nameBeyond the Limit of Darkness and Light +
Episode number79 +
Japanese airdate14 April 2004 +
Kanji nameリミットぶっちぎり! ~光と闇~ +
Manga Chapter136 + and 137 +
NameBeyond the Limit of Darkness and Light +
NamesBeyond the Limit of Darkness and Light +, リミットぶっちぎり! ~光と闇~ + and Rimitto Bucchigiri! ~Hikari to Yami~ +
PictureNaruto defeats gaara +
Romaji nameRimitto Bucchigiri! ~Hikari to Yami~ +

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